How It Works



Click on the link below to create your FREE International Flix account :
STEP 2 :
A confirmation will be sent to your email address in order to activate your account.
Please click on the link sent to your email to activate your International Flix Account.
STEP 3 :
Click on the link below to access your account :
STEP 4 :
If your balance or movie left is “0”, you will need to add credit to your account in order to watch movies.

There are 2 ways to add credit to your account:
1. You can add credit by clicking the “Add Credit” link.
Select the credit amount and then click on the PayPal button to purchase your credit

2. You can also pay cash by contacting  the stores listed here 


After you have purchased credits through International Flix’s web site or at one of our affiliated stores, you are now ready to enjoy videos on International Flix’s platform. Please note that the instruction below was demonstrated on the web platform, watching videos in other platforms shall be in similar layouts.

Once you log into your account with your username and password at International Flix, click “Watch Movies” or
“Browse Movie”

Get the free mobile app today and you can instantly watch movies and worldwide videos on your tablet.

• With the InternationalFlix app you can instantly watch as many movies as you want, as often as you want, anytime you want.

• Your account give you the same access on all our supported devices
• Add credit to your account via credit card online to watch as many movies
as you want or visit our affiliated stores to add credit via cash payment.

If videos have been watched, you can click “Watched” to view them again before they expire in 48 Hours.
Please click on this link for more information about the viewing process : Watching+Movie+on+IF