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International Flix has a large amount of audiences from multiple countries, and your videos and movies will be watched by those potential audiences.  Better yet, once you  have become an approved filmmaker at International Flix, each view of your uploaded movies will translate into instant income for you!

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How much will I get paid?

Your revenue sharing percentage (%) will be at 50% of all video views in a given calendar month. For example, if total video views of your movie(s) is 1,000 for the month of June of 2015, your payment will be $1,750 ($3.50 per view multiply by 1,000 views, and divide the total result by 50%) in the form of US dollars. International Flix pays between 10-30% to the affiliated stores and sales representatives. International Flix, Inc. keeps less than 20% of the revenue sharing for maintaining our world class infrastructure and operations.

Frequency of Payments

You shall receive a payment in an aggregate amount on the 3rd or 4th day of the following month for total video views over the course of the previous month. For example, on July 3rd or July 4th of 2015 (except holidays), you shall receive a payment that was calculated based on the formula used in the “Monetization Percentage (%)” section for the month of June of 2015.


You are responsible for paying any and all taxes such sales, value added (VAT), income (if any) or any other type of taxes or duties except taxes based on Company’s income. International Flix does not provide any tax advices in any jurisdiction.

How do i get paid?
Filmmakers can get paid via Paypal , by ACH (direct deposit) or Check.

Can I upload as many videos as I want?
Yes, there is no limitation

Do I need to pay International Flix a fee to upload my video?
Unlike Vimeo or other streaming platforms, we don’t charge for storage space and bandwith. Therefore, you don’t have to pay a fee to upload your video(s)

How can people pay to watch my videos?
People can buy credits using their Paypal account , credit cards or pay cash by visiting our affiliated stores.

PS: we are the only streaming platform who accept cash payment via our affiliated stores. Please note that according to a recent survey,63% of minority and ethnic groups in the U.S.A and Canada don’t use credit cards online. Their preferred form of payment is cash.

What Codecs and Filetypes can I upload?
We accept the following video formats  (mp4/mov/m4v/mpeg/flv)

For more information, please read our terms of use document by clicking on the link below:
Terms of Use