Become an Agent / Affiliated store

Start making money today by selling International Flix Credits


 “Agent” means an affiliated store, a point-of-sale location, a company, or an entity approved by International Flix, to provide the Services (and who is given access by International Flix to register Customers via International Flix’s System);

“Agreement” means the terms and conditions set out herein;

“International Flix Account” means an account set up by International Flix, or by its Agents, for International Flix Customers.  Each account has a unique identity (often an e-mail address provided by the Customer), which Credits may be purchased with money by a Customer, of which the Credits may be used for International Flix’s video streaming services (“International Flix Services”).  Each account is protected by a user-defined password, and as services are provided, credits are deducted from the aforementioned account;

“International Flix Agent Account” means an Agent account that is approved and set up by International Flix for the purpose of adding credits, upon payment, to a Customer’s account.

“Commission” means the commissions due from International Flix to the Regional Sales Representative when credits are purchased by Customer through the Agents that were recruited and managed by the Regional Sales Representative;

“Credits” means a value that was purchased by Customer with money, either through International Flix’s System or via an Agent, to be used for International Flix’s Services

“Customer” means a person (being an actual or potential customer of International Flix, and not International Flix’s employees, regional sales representative or Agent) who wishes to open an International Flix Account or to purchase value to be credited to an International Flix Account via the International Flix’s System or its affiliated Agents;

“Proceeds” means money used to add value of Credits to an International Flix Account

“System” means, generally, the International Flix platform used by employees, Customer, Agent, or Regional Sales Representative.

Obligations and Responsibilities of an Agent or Affiliated store

The Affiliated store shall be appointed as International Flix’s non-exclusive agent, solely for the purposes of providing the following services:

 Add/Create International Flix new customer accounts
 Sell credits to new or existing customers
 Change existing users password when asked by customers


International Flix shall pay Commission to the Agent for the Services provided during the term of the Agreement, as follows:

Once an International Flix Agent Account is recruited and approved, a mutually agreed % of Commission based on credits purchased by Customer via the assigned Agent will be paid in the form of United States dollars to the Agent within the first 2 weeks after the ending month on a bi-monthly basis.

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