Culture Clash

Caribbean Children of immigrant parents

postercultureCULTURE CLASH filled with riveting interviews of first-generation born and raised Caribbean children of immigrant parents. And challenges they face in holding to their family heritage while embracing and assimilating in the American Culture.

CAST : Kristie Georges, Sofie Gilot, Suzanne Runge, Ron Bobb-Semple, Amelia Singh, Clifford Rhinvil, Kera Blades, Dr. Guitele Rahill, Rodrick Colbert, Tayana Saintilmar, Martha McDougle, Karensky Mathieu, Kirah Rahill, Michael Etienne.

Director: Jean-Rene Rinvil




  1. How much?

  2. Frantz Elysee

    I will definitely watch it this weekend. I like the trailer.

  3. Dubuisson Nadine

    Just watched it. Keep up the great work.

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