Mea Culpa

Can a Mea Culpa get him out of this dilemma?

Mea Culpa (my fault) is a romantic drama. Charles, a successful real estate Agent is being haunted by one bad decision made in his past. His recent engagement to his childhood sweetheart Tammie is raising attention causing him more trouble than he’s willing to bargain for. At first, they seem to have it all; great careers, loving families, great friends and a bright future. Then, it all changed suddenly. In a matter of seconds a ten years relationship has turned sour.
Cast :Cast : Falia Justima, Jean Bernard Justima, Nikita Turk, Martine Joseph
Crew :Directed by Vladimy Bellefleur, Executive producer Falia Justima
Posted by :Falia Justima


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  1. Tasha Brutus

    I enjoyed watching Mea Culpa

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